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Website usability services

Usability testing and analysis for a positive user experience

Website usability testing and analysis

Omni Marketing Interactive specializes in website usability -- particularly in making content more findable before people arrive on your site...and after people arrive at your site -- without compromising the user experience and your site's business goals. Below are some of the website usability services we provide.

Search Usability™ Heuristic Review

Search usability™ heuristic reviews are a cost-effective and quick means of analyzing the findabilty of your site's content. The goal of a search usability™ heuristic review is to evaluate the findabilty of your website’s content and address problems that are a delivering a poor experience to your users and, as a result, could be limiting the success of your website.

Search usability™ heuristic reviews involve experienced, knowledgeable search and usability professionals who evaluate the organization of your website and individual page layouts with regard to search usability™ best practices.

Clients receive a detailed, prioritized list of recommendations to correct confusing elements of the current or proposed site design. The result is a tailored redesign solution that leads to a positive user experience and an improved search engine visibility.

Search Usability™ is Omni Marketing Interactive's proprietary advertising and marketing service that includes: search engine optimization, link development and site analysis.

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Website usability analysis & recommendations

Many websites are already search-engine friendly but need help with conversions...especially in the shopping cart areas of ecommerce sites.

Our team of certified usability professionals (CUAs) will evaluate your site against a set of predefined usability guidelines and principles, focused on:

  • Overall ease of use
  • Effectiveness
  • Usefulness
  • Findability
  • User satisfaction

Since we regularly usability test websites and utilize Web analytics, we will ensure that your site evaluation gets the most current, valid recommendations.

Like a Search Usability™ Heuristic Review, clients receive a detailed, prioritized list of recommendations (both long-term and short-term) to correct confusing elements of the current website or proposed site redesign. The result is a website redesign solution that leads to an enhanced user experience, increased sales and conversions, and a positive brand impact.

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Website usability testing

Website usability testing is a method by which the efficiency of your site is determined by putting real users in front of your website and recording their results. The goal of website usability testing is to see if your users can complete the tasks your site is meant to accomplish.

Website usability testing is one of the most reliable research methods as it involves one-on-one direct interaction with real users. We utilize a complete range of services for progressive testing of websites -- formative and summative usability tests, including:

  • Card-sort tests
  • Performance tests
  • Exploration & expectancy tests
  • Sample-of-one tests
  • And more...

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If you have any questions about Omni Marketing Interactive's website usability testing services, our Search Usability™ Heuristic Reviews or any other our expert reviews, please call us at 847-426-4256.