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When Search Meets Web Usability book

Authored by Nick Musica and Shari Thurow

The user experience is a fluid event that frequently starts on a web search engine, and (if you're lucky) ends with a sale or conversion on your website. Creating a satisfying user experience (UX) is key to maximizing search effectiveness and getting conversions.

When Search Meets Web Usability bookWhen Search Meets Web Usability will help you bridge the gap between web search engines and your website. But it will also help you improve your visitors' experience once they get to your site.

By understanding the wide variety of strategies and sometimes surprising behaviors that users employ when seeking information on the web, information architects, web designers and developers, search engine optimizers, and usability professionals can build better interfaces and functionality into their websites.

The topics addressed in When Search Meets Web Usability include:

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Search Usability
    • Differing Perspectives on Search
    • The Scent of Information
    • Why Search Usability is Important

  • Chapter 2: The Scent of Information and Web Search Engines
    • Differing Perspectives on Querying Behavior
    • How to Provide Information Scent in Search Listings
    • 3 Types of Search Engine Queries

  • Chapter 3: Navigational Searches -- Where Can I Go?
    • Navigational Intent
    • Search Listings and Navigational Queries
    • Navigational Query Indicators
    • Optimizing for Navigational Queries

  • Chapter 4: Informational Searches -- What Can I Learn?
    • Informational Intent
    • Search Listings and Informational Queries
    • Navigational Query Indicators
    • Optimizing for Informational Queries

  • Chapter 5: Transactional Searches -- What Can I Do?
    • Transactional Intent
    • Search Listings and Transactional Queries
    • Transactional Query Indicators
    • Optimizing for Transactional Queries

  • Chapter 6: The Scent of Information and Landing Pages
    • Scanning Behavior
    • Fostering Orienting Behavior
    • Pogo-sticking: Negative Search Behavior

  • Chapter 7: Search Usability and Your Site's Success
    • Search Usability Metrics by Site Type
    • Search Usability for Employee Intranets
    • Common Search Usability Goals

  • Chapter 8: Search Usability is Everyone's Job
    • The Hole in the Fence: A Story About Perspective
    • It Takes a Village to Build for Search Usability
    • Conclusion

  • Chapter 9: How to Improve Your Website's Search Usability
    • Ideal Test Participants
    • Reverse Card Sort Test
    • One-on-One Field Interviews
    • Functional Salience Test
    • Home Page Expectancy Test
    • Eight-Second Usability Test on Content Pages
    • Observe Navigational Web Searches
    • Review Site Search Data
    • Brand Perception Test
    • Check Your Error Messages
    • Free Exploration Test
    • Deconstructing Common Myths and Misconceptions

The book has a companion site to assist web designers, usability professionals, and search engine optimizers. Visit the When Search Meets Usability Companion Site.

The book was written by search engine optimization (SEO) and website usability experts Nick Musica and Shari Thurow, author of Search Engine Visibility.


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