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Our books

Combining usability and findability for positive user experiences

People can't use what they can't find. And there is no point in making a website or other digitial document findable if people can't use it -- users will just end up disliking and not trusting your brand. The goal of our books is to bridge the gap between websites and search engines, website findability and usability.

Ultimate Guide to Link Building

Ultimate Guide to Link Building book cover, 2nd edition

Some of the topics addressed in Shari's contribution to The Ultimate Guide to Link Building include:

  • Site architecture
  • Content silos
  • Orphaned content
  • Digital content assets
  • How to modify a websites information architecture (IA) to minimize or eliminate orphans & silos

Our dear friend and link-building guru Eric Ward asked Shari to contribute this topic.

When Search Meets Web Usability

When Search Meets Usability book by Shari Thurow and Nick Musica - coverWhen Search Meets Web Usability, by search engine optimization (SEO) and website usability experts Nick Musica and Shari Thurow, will help you bridge the gap between search engines and your website. And it will also help you improve your visitors' experience once they arrive on your site.

By understanding the wide variety of strategies and sometimes surprising behaviors that users employ when seeking information on the web, information architects, web designers and developers, search engine optimizers, and usability professionals can build better interfaces and functionality into their websites.

Some of the topics addressed in When Search Meets Usability include:

  • Types of search engine queries
  • Anatomy of search listings
  • How to create & maintain effective search listings
  • The scent of information & SEO
  • Usability tests to boost search engine visibility

When Search Meets Web Usability has a book companion site to assist search engine marketers, usability professionals, information architects, and web designers/developers.

Search Engine Visibility

Search Engine Visibility book by Shari Thurow - coverIn January 2003, the first edition of Search Engine Visibility, through New Riders Publishing, was released. Our founder and SEO, Shari Thurow finished the second edition, released August 2007. The French version of the book was released in February 2008.

Search engine visibility is not merely obtaining top positions in search results. Rather, search engine visibility is designing, writing and creating a website primarily for your site's visitors, and helping them find what they are searching via the major search engines, directories, and industry related sites.

How your site appears in search results is important, and guiding your visitors to the most appropriate page on your site is equally important. In other words, a search-engine friendly site is also a user-friendly site.

Shari is also the originator of the Search Usability™ Analysis. A top search engine position is useless if your target audience does not take desired actions on your website, which is why both search-engine friendliness and user-friendliness are equally important. Our book addresses both issues.

Some of the topics addressed in Search Engine Visibility include:

  • How to write search-engine friendly sales copy
  • Search-engine friendly design solutions
  • How to increase your website's popularity
  • How to optimize PDFs
  • Optimizing graphic images
  • Video optimization
  • Blogs & other social media
  • Solutions for dynamic websites
  • Submission guidelines

Search Engine Visibility has a book companion site to assist web designers and search engine optimizers.

If you have any questions about Omni Marketing Interactive's search engine optimization, site usability analysis, web design, or link development services, please call us at 847-426-4256.